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Lina Fedirko - Mixed Media Artist 

Woman in black exploring color, movement, and tenderness through mixed media. Staging interplay between oils and textiles. 

Creating has been deeply ingrained in me through hours spent sewing with my grandmother since age of 5. As an adult, I rediscovered my creative voice while beginning a mindfulness practice, and the two have been deeply connected since. I began working with textiles and oils to create intimate rendezvous between the two. I realized that creating is my purest expression of me, detached from expectations, narratives and even ideas. It’s in those moments that I feel most peaceful, free and present. Every fabric strip cut, every fold created, every brush stroke, is relished for what it is and nothing other than. My art aims to evoke lightness, serenity, stillness and a sense of beauty.

When I'm not making art, I'm making meaning through my professional work mitigating the climate crisis - but mostly I'm just figuring out how to live a life that gives.

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